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Brain-eating amoebas thrive in US lakes as global warming heats waterways



By way of climateadaptation:

Enviro-headline of the year?

Said William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt:It’s not something that’s necessarily touched on in medical school. You have to really probe what patients were doing in the last several days, you have to ask if they were swimming. Honestly, an accurate diagnosis is basically serendipity.”

watch it….

Jackson may be the only human ever to go two months without REM — Rapid Eye Movement — sleep, which is vital to keep the brain and body alive. The 60 nights of propofol infusions Dr. Conrad Murray said he gave Jackson to treat his insomnia is something a sleep expert says no one had ever undergone. … Czeisler — who serves as a sleep consultant to NASA, the CIA and the Rolling Stones — testified Thursday
Expert: Michael Jackson went 60 days without real sleep - (via brooklynmutt)

Woah now


“Walking as an art calls attention to the simplest aspects of the act: the way rural walking measures the body and the earth against each other, the way urban walking elicits unpredictable social encounters.

And the most complex: the rich potential relations between thinking and the body; the way one person’s act can be an invitation to another’s imagination; the way every gesture can be imagined as a brief and invisible sculpture; the way walking reshapes the world by mapping it, treading paths into it, encountering it; the way each act reflects and reinvents the culture in which it takes place.”

~Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

Photo by Almond Dhukka / Flickr, cc by-nc-nd 2.0


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